Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Honk your Horn!!!

The second Conwy Council public meeting held at Abergele Library was very well attended by concerned residents. There was a constant queue of people waiting to ask the planners searching questions and make sure they were aware we don't want any of the proposed plans within the LDP. The Abergele LDP Action Group also turned up in numbers to ensure the Council Planners were fully aware of the level of feeling in the town. Placards were at hand to ensure everyone knew what we were demonstrating about - and the honk your horn if you disagree with the LDP message was a great success with the Planners having a constant audible reminder. Funnily enough Conwy Council drafted in 3 police officers from Conwy to oversee the public meeting - not sure why they felt this was necessary. We set up a table on the pavement outside the library to gather signatures from residents and answering any questions anyone had on the proposed plans.

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  1. I have viewed the website with much interest. We have aroposed gypsy and traveller site in this village (100 metres from last house)The similarities between your campaign and ours are close. like you we started very quickly, built support and been highlighted in local press and tv.Same problem with objections forms - particularly elderly - fight against official speak and the language of civil servants-strong feeling that we are not heard - developers and vested commercial interests seems to get listened to more. Good luck. Bassingbourn Action Group.