Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Protest Walk - A Great Success

The protest walk arranged for Sunday 31st May was a great success - a big thankyou to all those who attended.

The protest walk was attended by over 400 people including representatives from Abergele Town Council and Darren Millar AM.

We have gathered a total of 500 valid signatures on our petition - the results of which are shown below. A show of hands at the protest walk also gave us the assurance that the majority of Abergele are fully behind us in rejecting the development proposals for Abergele detailed within the LDP.

We have included a link to a Slideshow of the Protest Walk on YouTube at the bottom of the blog - go on have a look

Next Stop
Protest outside Abergele Library during Council LDP Roadshow on Thursday 4th June between 4pm and 6.45pm.

Public Meeting at Kinmel Manor on Friday 5th June at 6.30pm


  1. I am impressed with all the walkers, I would have liked to have taken part, unfortunately my leg was not up to it, I live just up from the pump house, so I went down to the end of our lane with my daughter and sheep to chat with walkers.
    Good effort keep it up

  2. I attended the meeting on Friday and was overwhelmed and pleased to see the amount of opposition we as residents of Abergele have for these plans but forward by the Council. The so called 'Councilors' who did not even have the dignity or decency to stand up when addressing us!
    We should all be back this 'Action Group' and I would like to thank Alasdair Rettiek for his hard work and professional way he conducted the meeting on Friday outlining these flawed proposals.

  3. I couldn`t get away from work early enough to get to the meeting at the Kinmel manor, but did get to the Library the evening before, I stood in the line waiting to look at the plans with Alasdair, and he could tell me more about the proposals than the so called planners could. I asked the planner on what grounds they feel there was need for a bypass, he said that a traffic study was carried out in the early 1990s and it was found needing of a bypass, all of this was before Tesco and the traffic lights were in the town, surely the bypass will do nothing for the traffic going to Tesco, which seems to be the majority of traffic in the town centre!

  4. i attended the meeting on friday and it was good to see so meny had turned out.It was disgracefull the councilors would not stand up.I would like to thank you for your hard work.

    brian off sea road