Thursday, 14 May 2009

Comments on the Conwy LDP Proposals: by a Concerned Abergele Resident

We have received a huge amount of support in way of emails, telephone calls and personal messages from the residents of Abergele. We thought it would be good to publish some of the messages received. We plan to do this on an ongoing basis as the campaign develops. Here is the first:-

Conwy County is a beautiful area, and residents enjoy quality of life and environment, the beautiful views it affords, and feelings of security.

So what has Abergele done to be treated as shabbily as the Council are doing with the LDP?

There has been no effective publicity about meetings where we can have our say – newspapers and the library are the only way this has been publicised according to the documents I have read on the County Council website. As a result, we are presented with a fait accompli.

It seems we are stuck with an LDP which promises to take away our children’s football fields, destroys the walks and scenery that the outskirts of Abergele and the hills around us are known for, gives freedom to build housing estates even when a proven case doesn't exist in addition to a bypass which we don’t need. All of this creates security worries which I am sure will make people leave their homes over. By giving freedom of the town and surrounding district to travellers, which we don’t have to seek evidence of undesirability for – there are enough recent and current news reports to give evidence of the disturbance on peoples’ lives that this will cause.

I also believe that even some Town and County Councillors were not even kept up to date with the plan. This isn’t democracy. We must have a well advertised Public Meeting to let the people of Abergele have their say about this destruction of our quality of life and environment.

A Concerned Abergele Resident


  1. Keep up the good work of keeping the residents of Abergele informed. We all need to get involved and make sure these crazy plans are not adopted

  2. Disgruntled local tax payer28 May 2009 at 17:40

    The Gypsy and Travellers Site Search document BP23 which is part of the LDP states on page 88 section 8.8 that the site will have to be screened so that the privacy of the site will not be infringed by nearby resdents, will have up to 10 pitches on hardstanding, drainage and sewerage, an amenity block for showers, toilets, and washing facilities with HOT AND COLD WATER. There will be a child playspace and provision for animals/work. Presumable for burning the insulation from cable and car dismantleing. There will also be a warden appointed NOT by Conwy Council but by the gypsy community. Idealy there should be a buffer zone of 1 mile from any residential area (impossile in Abergele)so that the travellers will not be persecuted by local residents!!!
    We can assume that the warden will have an on-site office with telephone, heating etc etc and as he/she would not be expected to work 24 hours will have at least one deputy and of course as the warden will have to relocate from outside the area Cartrefi Conwy accommodation will be provided. And th se gypsys will not have to pay council tax will not pay National Insurance and will never have paid Income Tax.

  3. So they are planning to allow building of 300 houses right next to a Gypsy and Travellers Site - you couldn't make it up if you tried. NO-ONE in their right mind will buy a house next to a gypsy site, the planner who thought this one up lives in a dream world and certainly nowhere near Abergele. And we are paying him/her a fat salary. I hope prospective builders will run a mile when they find out their nice new houses will be blighted and the planner will finish up with egg on his face for his stupidity.

  4. Disgruntled local tax payer28 May 2009 at 17:56

    Three hundred new houses right next to the A55 so the residents can drive to Chester and beyond to go to work because there won't be 300 new jobs in Abergele within cycling or walking distance. Now that's environmentally sound and will lower the CO2 emmissions no end.
    What ever happened to the 1000 new jobs that were supposed to be created on the North Wales Business Park to the west of Abergele - didn't materialise, just another number thought up to look good in the media.

  5. I'm a celebrity get me out of here28 May 2009 at 18:03

    Stop the gypsy and travellers site in Abergele but be aware the LDP in BP23 says - following a flood risk survey sites in Pensarn, Towyn and Kinmel Bay will be reviewed for inclusion in the list of suitable areas. It doesn't say provided there is NO flood risk just following the survey these other areas can be included.
    Get our MP to repeal the Husing ct 204 section 225 which requires all county councils to provide sites for gypsys and travellers.

  6. I know of a Gypsy site in Coedpoeth, similar to the one proposed, the shower and toilet blocks were dismantled so had to be re-built, the police are constantly getting called out there, but don`t bother turning up, youngsters stand at the side of the road pelting cars with stones and no one does anything about it, there is another I know of in Carrington (Mancester) exactly the same. The majority of the time all the local houses get broken into regularly, and once the permenant ones stop robbing, the replacement travellers rob all the local houses over again.

    Not wanting to sound nasty, but these (I can`t bring myself to call them people)good for nothing waste of spaces, should not have the privilage to grace this land, and Abergele.

    I could use much stronger feelings, but must not get wound up!!

  7. Eject any councillors that approve the scheme, stand against them in the next local elections.
    Call for a vote of confidence - it's your right.
    People Power is there for you to grasp with both hands.
    You CAN make a difference - DON'T leave it to someone else.

  8. I support the Gypsy camp - don't be racist all you NIMBY's.
    David Grant
    PS - a frequent visitor

  9. You may call us NIMBYs I can just see what would be said by yourself and alike if they wanted to build a Gypo site on Monton Green or one of the few green places you have around Eccles.

    There is always trouble in and around the site in Carrington and several other sites I know of, as for being racist personally I don`t care what colour, religion people are if they are honest and work for a living.

  10. Has anybody else received a letter dated 15 Jan, regarding "revised delivery agreement (2010)"?, I have been onto the coucils web site and have needed to search around as the web address on the letter when I typed it in came back with Conwy council 404 error page does not exist!! from what I can see on the councils LDP nothing looks any different (perhaps I am looking in the wrong place!).