Monday, 18 May 2009

Healthy News for Abergele

Spire Abergele Consulting Suites located in Abergele's North Wales Business Park is set to open in early June. The Private Healthcare venture will provide six ultra modern and spacious suites all with easy access at ground level. This facility will fill a major gap in private healthcare since the closure of the North Wales Medical Centre in Llandudno. The venture will see some 35 experienced North Wales consultants use the facility.

Further details can be found at the following link:-

We understand that the business park is also being considered to house a much larger private healthcare venture providing up to 300 new jobs. Again great news for Abergele.

So why mention it in this Blog?

Although bringing well needed jobs and private healthcare facilities to Abergele and North Wales the additional traffic generated by employees and patients attending the Spire Abergele consulting suite will have to pass through the town centre. (although it has been suggested to us that the traffic will be encouraged to travel along A55 to Llandulas and then drive back to Business Park!!!! Brilliant plan - mmm)

The suggested bypass road between Threeways roundabout and Llanfair Rd will also not have any impact on this additional traffic..

The solution to this problem is surely to build another slip road off/on A55 on west side of Abergele. This would also alleviate some of the traffic congestion experienced within Abergele.

If that wasn't enough for those bypass enthusiasts why not build one between Threeways roundabout and Pensarn - that would also relieve a lot of traffic which currently either goes through the centre of town or takes the rat-run running past Emrys Ap Iwan.

And whilst I'm on a planning roll, why not also implement proper filter lanes at the traffic lights in the centre of Abergele at junction of Market St and Water St (road could be widened taking some of land in front of the Gwindy if required). Lower cost than a bypass, probably relieve some of the traffic pressures - which actually are only a problem during school run and early evening.

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  1. There certainly will be an accident on Faenol Avenue before the council thinks anything should be done. Of course the motorists pull straight off the A55 and hardly reduce their speed, what does not help is that during the school/college days one side of the road is packed with parked cars - adding to the current debate; more housing means more figures for the schools (and don't say 'if they live locally they will walk and have no need of parking spaces' - as a child I lived on Faenol Avenue, and almost daily visit my family there.

    I see the council spending money on useless projects (though, granted - no pun intended - the work on Gele Park has attracted more use)
    yet ignoring the obvious spots of the community that need attention. Hmm - why am I shocked or disappointed?